Perfect Emotional Vocal Trance Mix l March 2014 (Vol. 6) [Reupload]

Yup, it’s been a while. I’m back! Check out this great mix!

best of vocal trance december 2014

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Quick Site Update – Is Trance Dead?

Hey! It’s been a crazy month. We’ve added more content, more mixes and some original articles from Jay! I’ve been promoting some of the content on our Twitter page as well as Reddit. We’ve had some good results. Certainly the crowd from Reddit has been the most positive. I’ve seen a couple large spikes that really helped drive…..

Warped Sone in Wichita : Warpzone 6


Last week was yet another weekend of Electronic / EDM fun in Wichita, Kansas- at Warpzone 6, hosted by some of the local Wichita-area crew (Matt Dillinger, Gregory Cole, Cynthia Howell, Brian Glen, Vampy Vicious). The night started badly with the unfortunate changing of venues to the Cotillion (known ahead of time, luckily, but still killed…..


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★ Beautiful Vocal Trance November 2014 | Mix #1

Check out another great November Trance mix!

Top 5 Vocal Trance in November 2014 / Volume 32 / Top Of Trance

Check out this new awesome vocal trance mix by Top of Trance Music. Also check out their Facebook page at TopOfTranceMusic.

Enter Wichita: Rave Beyond the Grave – Dawn of the Dub & 8th Annual Halloween Costume Bash


Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m proud to say that the Rave scene is admirably alive and well in Wichita, Kansas… Not the ‘Drug’ scene but the Rave scene! If you do not know the difference, please enlighten yourself at earliest convenience. There is nothing wrong with more conventional and safe-seeming nonRave-like venues, but making money off concessions…..

Vocal Trance Mix november 2014 (mixed by Mabuz)

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Best of Vocal Trance (October 2014) [E198]

The show must go on! Another day another mix!